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Cahoots actively invests in talented founder teams.

We understand what it’s like to start out with just an idea and a clear desk.

When it comes to supporting startups, we are all in — the capital for our startup investments is supplied by the same partners who have contributed to build the Cahoots tech hub. You can learn more about Cahoots here.


What kind of investor is Cahoots?

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We are a friendly group of repeat entrepreneurs who enjoy supporting people who dream big. Our goal is to help exciting teams with big ideas make things happen. We endeavor to bring more than money to our investment relationships by providing continuous support based on our experience and connections throughout the entire life of your company.

  • We only invest on founder-friendly terms.

  • We tend to prefer early stage companies.

  • We want to see some clear initial traction in the market.

  • We think the economic value of an idea is zero, unless it’s coupled with a capable team who will pursue it relentlessly.

  • We specialize in software — both consumer and B2B.

  • We like ideas that, if successful, could disrupt entire markets.

  • We focus on solving problems for people over pursuing cool technology.

  • We advise hiring when a larger team accelerates growth, not when investment dollars are available.


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Co-investors in Cahoots



Cahoots occasionally makes direct investments in companies at every stage both independently and along side other investors. We look for big ideas from exciting teams and bring our experience and relationships to the table.

angel investors

We like to work with experienced and hands-on angel investors who look for smart teams to back and mentor. We only co-invest on founder-friendly terms typical of mainstream coastal tech startup deals.


VC firms

Cahoots has co-invested in companies with a handful of world-class VC firms. We are attracted to working with firms who believe people can build amazing companies anywhere and prioritize enabling founder success.

matching platform

Putting together a strong coalition of experienced investors can add strength to your company. We are actively exploring options to encourage great investors to collaborate through a Cahoots investor matching platform.


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