it takes a village.

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Cahoots is a passion project built to support innovators by creating a modern, unique place where they can come together, share ideas, and make amazing things.

Cahoots is so much more than a co-working space. It’s a gathering place, an event venue, and (soon!) even a coffee shop — but most of all, it’s a community.

This is a place of endless possibilities. To make it all happen, we need partners to be in Cahoots with us!


46 Companies

From the single person upstart to 100 person operation - all are creative, hungry, growing and ambitious.

193 Members

Founders, CEOs, Software Engineers, Designers, Product Managers, Marketers, Sales Execs, and more on board.

>$100M Funded

Cahoots is home to a variety of venture-backed technology companies that are attracting resources to build the future.


A home-basE for startups like no other


Ann Arbor deserves a Tech Hub

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$4.3BN and going up

Deal activity has been shifting away from top venture hubs. The midwest has a healthy venture ecosystem that continues to grow. According to Silicon Valley Bank, midwestern states have received 4.3BN of investment in 2018 up over 59% from two years prior.


5.6X returns

Chicago has lead the country on Multiple On Invested Capital (MOIC) at 5.6x versus the bay area at 4.2x and Austin at 3.3x.  Investment in the midwest has been leading to better return on capital. Top talent, affordable housing, and a better quality of life has moved the midwest, and specifically Ann Arbor, into a position of strength for startups.


partners make it possible

Coworking startup with standing desks

First event - 9/10/2019

The inaugural meeting of a new tech meetup group was so fitting for our first event - A2Gophers!

4 groups added in 9 days

Just 9 days later, Cahoots is home to 4 local tech meetup groups.

reach beyond members

Events at Cahoots host tech workers from hundreds of companies from near and far.


SPARK & Cahoots partner to welcome tech workers home to Ann Arbor in November.


help build a community with purpose


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