Katelyn & Rachel of Generations Homecare System

Rachel Phillips (left) and Katelyn Kelly (right)

Rachel Phillips (left) and Katelyn Kelly (right)

Today I spoke with Katelyn Kelly and Rachel Phillips, two members of Cahoots who not only work together at Generations Homecare System, but who have also known each other since they were young. Learn more about their stories below!

To start off, what does Generations Homecare System do? 

Generations is a SaaS product that homecare agencies use to operate and manage their businesses. Our system has everything from scheduling, client and caregiver management, visit verification, billing and payroll, and so much more. We’re Michigan based and have been in operation for over 17 years. Over 800 agencies in 9 countries use Generations.

What is the mission of the company?

Our mission is to elevate the technology available to homecare providers and to ensure homecare is safe, valuable, and comprehensive. We’re committed to developing technology that makes homecare affordable to the recipient, and profitable to the provider. 

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What is each of your roles at Generations Homecare System?

We’re the marketing and communications directors for Generations. We’re passionately collaborative and push each other to take our marketing efforts to the next level. Our department may be small but it is fierce! 

How did you each end up in Ann Arbor, and even further, how did you end up at Cahoots?

We should tell you about our origin story, as it’s what brought us both to Cahoots. We had been childhood friends who had lost touch with each other but actually reconnected when Rachel moved back to Ann Arbor. We’re pretty sure it had been over 15 years since we’d seen or spoken to each other but Instagram kept us connected--and it’s what brought us back together. Katelyn told Rachel that Generations was hiring and that was that! We both started working out of Cahoots this past April and are enjoying being in Downtown Ann Arbor. We’re inspired by the ambitious and creative people we’ve met at Cahoots. We can’t believe that we’ve gone from playing The Sims and obsessing over No Doubt as children to developing marketing strategies together as adults for a growing company in a city that we both love! 

(Katelyn) I’ve been with Generations for almost 7 years, and 5 years ago, I had the opportunity to work remotely. I chose Ann Arbor because I had friends living here. I spent my first few years in Ann Arbor working out of a home office. Working exclusively from home was really great for a while, I adopted a puppy and always had clean laundry. But eventually I was more than ready to have something closer to an office life. Cahoots has been the perfect solution!

(Rachel) I just returned after having been out in San Francisco for a while. I graduated from the University of Michigan so I’d known that Ann Arbor was a special place. I’d been following all of the exciting innovation that’s happening here from out in CA, and I missed the seasons, warm summer nights and, especially, the people. 

What can we expect to see from Generations Homecare System in the future? 

The demand for homecare and the industry as a whole are growing exponentially. We’re perfectly placed to continue leading the development of technology required for modernizing such an essential service. 

How does Generations Homecare System differ from other technologies in the homecare industry?

Having been one of the first homecare softwares in the space, we’ve been fortunate to develop a devoted client base--some of whom have been with us since day one! We’re known for the customer service and support we provide for our clients, and we don’t attach any limits to support and training. Educating users on the importance of data security and empowering them with the tools and best practices for success has always been a core principle. We also solicit client feedback and treat responses with the utmost respect. Many of the features you’ll find in our software and app were suggestions made by our clients. It’s important to us that homecare agencies are well-equipped to be successful. We do this by continuously perfecting our software and hiring the best people. (Send your resumes to info@homecaresoftware.com or reach out to either of us!)

Is there anything in particular you are looking forward to as we near our grand opening here at Cahoots?

So much, we can’t wait! We are really excited about the rooftop, the coffee bars, and the lockers for part time members! 

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