Cahoots Member Feature: Liesl from Revolution Parts


One of the cool things about coworking in Cahoots are the people — who come here from all different types of tech companies. Last week, I got the chance to sit down with Liesl from Revolution Parts, a startup based in Phoenix, to learn a bit more about what their focus is and why they are here in Ann Arbor.

To start, what exactly does Revolution Parts “do”?

Revolution Parts is a parts e-commerce platform for automotive dealerships. Essentially a one-stop shop, bringing automotive dealerships online. We help dealerships build websites, market to their customers, process orders. Basically, anything to make the online process easier.

What’s your role at Revolution Parts?

I do product strategy, so my focus is really on new products and new initiatives to help make auto parts as accessible as possible to customers. We just really want to improve the customer experience and help them grow.

It sounds like Revolution Parts really focuses on the customer, how do you maintain that?

We have to maintain relationships with both the buyers and sellers since we’re a network. Overall though, our goal is to focus on a specific niche and make ourselves the best in it. We just want all our customers to have the best experience possible.

So what brought you to Ann Arbor and what made you pick Cahoots?

We (me) were already based in Ann Arbor so we decided to just stay in the area as we joined the team. We really wanted a coworking space that provided the same type of atmosphere that our counterparts in Phoenix have. They originally started in a coworking space but then eventually outgrew it. We were really looking for a continuity with the atmosphere and we found that at Cahoots.

Is there anything you’re excited to see at Cahoots in the future?

I’m excited for all the new spaces! Cahoots is constantly growing with more people and companies coming in. Things are always changing in technology and Cahoots really reflects that environment. It has a mission, a focus, and a culture, and it sticks to it.

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