Member Feature: A Coffee Chat with Michael of Revl (with me - Jerod!)


I think of Cahoots as a constantly growing web of innovators, dreamers, self-starters. I usually can’t go through a normal day without meeting a new person. New companies arrive and are welcomed into the fold of tinkering and innovation. This last week I got the opportunity to talk with one of the OG members of Cahoots, Michael from Revl.

How did you start/learn about Cahoots?

I started working at Trove when it was only about five or six people. We moved between buildings knowing the project that was still going to be completed. I ended up joining the Revl team around Fall 2017 as an Android engineer, but decided to work remotely from Cahoots.

So what exactly is Revl?

Revl is an action camera on steroids. It has built in sensors to keep it level with the horizon, measure data, and easily edits your videos for you. One of the issues with action cameras now is that they give you about ten hours of just raw footage, where a lot of it is fairly useless. The Revl app is able to identify the best parts of filming, stitch it together, and be easily edited in one location.

I checked out a video online of the Revl camera in action. To call it next level would be an understatement.

I made a mental note to start budgeting a Revl camera before continuing the interview.


You originally worked for a Cahoots anchor company then began working for another company remotely and stayed at Cahoots. What made you decide to stay?

Knowing the founders and the vision for the building made it an obvious choice, especially compared to the rest of the coworking market in Ann Arbor. Also having a mix of companies like Clinc and Trove along with smaller companies. If you want to be immersed in the Ann Arbor tech community, this is the place to be.

Closing thoughts: is there any part of Cahoots your really looking forward to seeing completed at Cahoots?

Definitely the rooftop deck, especially during the summer months. It seems like such a great place to hang out. There’s going to be a lot of great places to explore and avoid being at my desk the whole time.

The Cahoots Team